Teach Your Child To Live Stream Safely

With so many live streaming gaming events out there, your kids are probably going to want to live stream at some point. You should be prepared for that by making sure that your child knows how to live stream safely. Here are some things that you should be teaching your kids so that they can use live streaming platforms safely:

Check Those Privacy Settings

This can’t be stressed too much. Always check the privacy settings on any app or streaming platform that your children are using. If they are going to be live streaming make sure that comments on the live stream are turned off. That way your child won’t be subjected to any mean or bullying comments and any inappropriate comments. Turn the privacy settings to the setting that only allows friends to see the live streams if you can so that your child isn’t live streaming to the entire world. To be extra cautious, you may want to do a background check with Kiwi Searches on anymore that is watching your child. 

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Can You Be Sure Who Is Watching Your Child Online

Talk To Your Child About Not Telling Their Location 

It’s not enough for your child to not mention the specific place that they are in. They should not be giving away too much information about where they are. If they are live streaming in the house they should keep the camera facing them. They should not pan around the house or in any way give clues. They also shouldn’t talk about any home security measures that you have in place. Have a frank discussion about safety and privacy so your kids know what they should not talk about or show on live video.

Appropriate Clothing And Appearance

Remember that even though they are live streaming people can take screenshots of your child while they are live streaming. So strangers can take photos of your child without your permission. Make sure that you have a talk with your child about what types of clothing are appropriate to wear when they are live streaming and what types of clothes aren’t appropriate. That way you won’t have to worry about photos of your child dressed inappropriately showing up online.

This might be something that you need to police if your child is doing fashion or makeup videos. So always be aware of what your child wants to live stream about. Make sure that they tell you what they intend to talk about. You might also want to have your child submit a script or a video action plan to you before they film so that you can be sure what they plan on doing and saying is appropriate.