Not Using Social Media Could Hurt You Professionally

A lot of people these days are deciding to quit social media because they are sick of the toxic nature of some social media platforms. Others are worried about the lack of privacy on social media or what they perceive to be a negative online culture. Some others just have no interest in presenting a curated view of their lives online and just want to spy on text messages. But, is it really possible to quit social media entirely? And can doing so have a negative impact on your career?

Whats the deal?

Employment experts say that you really should not quit all social media platforms. If you disappear from social media entirely that could have a negative effect on you. According to one study more than 86% of hiring managers look on the most popular sites to vet potential candidates. If you have no social media presence that sends up a red flag to hiring managers. In this day and age they expect professionals to have social media accounts. If you don’t have any it can look like you’re not up to speed on the latest digital trends. In some industries that can make you a poor prospect to a company that is hiring.

If you have no online presence, HR personnel who are looking at your digital footprint might wonder why you have none. If you don’t have any social media accounts hiring personnel might also assume that you’re not a good fit for the corporate culture. They will also want to do a background check.

So while it’s understandable to be concerned about the risks of social media you should not delete all your social media accounts. Even if you don’t use them often you should keep them active. And make sure that you are active at least on LinkedIn, the networking site for professionals. Very often jobs are offered and accepted through professional networking.

You’ll need to use a multitude of platforms

What’s the best way?

A better way to handle professional social media is to use only one or two accounts. Think of your social media account as an ongoing resume. Share high quality professional content related to your field. Interact professionally with those in your industry and network. Maybe write for a website you have an interest in.

But don’t post anything too personal and avoid getting too close to anyone online. That way you can maintain some distance between your life and social media but you can also get the benefits of having social media when it comes to employment. Make smart connections with others in the industry and make sure that you avoid posting content on hot button issues like politics and religion.