About Me


Hey! My name is Scott Maxwell and I’m just about the coolest guy you’ll meet. I absolutely love music, movies, technology, and really anything that comes out Star Wars related. I live in Indiana with my loving family and enjoy a comfortable job writing for a local newspaper. I love reading books (I’m current burning through The Disaster Artist!) and rewatching the Star Wars movies.

I spend most of my other free time playing video games. I’m a huge fan of the Metal Gear games and a lot of sneaking games. I love story driven games like Halo or Final Fantasy, but I haven’t had much time as of late. I spent a lot of the time hanging out with my son playing Rocket League!


As for music, it’s my life. I love everything and anything that’s catchy and jazzy. I love the classics like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd but I can also spend a day listening to more contemporary bands such as Reel Big Fish, Gorillaz, and even occasionally a Taylor Swift if I’m feeling a little saucy.

If you have any questions, contact me whenever! I’m a techie and always have my phone on me and are always checking my email!